The Ultimate Blog Hop!

Yes, that’s for April. 2010. And yes, I do realize that was almost a year ago. But as I was reading over some old blog comments, I got an idea . . . stop by and say “hello” to the bloggers who participated in last year’s Ultimate Blog Party!

There are several categories, but I’m going to just go through the first one, the Family Friendly Blogs. Over 1900 bloggers linked up, but that includes me. Taking myself out of the equation, that’s 1918 blogs to visit! I’m going to set myself a goal of commenting on at least 400 by the end of January. Another 600 by the end of February. Then 600 more in March. And, finally, 318 in April. In about an hour a day over the course of the next couple months, I can say “hello,” and give a smile to nearly 2000 lovely ladies. That’s definitely worth it!

Stay tuned for progress updates. The Ultimate Blog Hop is about to begin!

One thought on “The Ultimate Blog Hop!

  1. Lauralee says:

    Look at you! I am so glad I stopped by. I like your website and you are very ambitious trying to hit all of those blogs. Good luck and thanks for visiting me. :)

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